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Marion Graham

I LOVE your blog. Best I have ever seen. But sometimes you spell words wrong. And you with an English degree! But I love it anyway. Keep on bloggin'
(signed: your mother)

Consigning Chrissy

Such a cool reuse for a crib!


I love this idea!


Great idea for a quick repurpose that doesn't require power tools, paint, sandpaper, etc. I would like to ask your permission to post your picture with a link to this blog post on a blog post I am writing about repurposing outdated cribs (I'm not sure how else to contact you). Thanks.


Absolutely Felicity! Thanks so much for asking. I'll have more repurpose crib ideas coming up over the next couple months(I have the other three sides afterall!!)


Great, thanks! I let you know when my blog post is up. Can't wait to see the other three sides :)


My blog post about repurposed cribs took longer than I expected to organize and post, but it's finally up! http://www.encorebabyregistry.com/blog/repurposed-crib-projects-upcycle-your-old-crib-out-of-the-landfill/

Maybe it will provide some inspiration for those other three crib sides, if you haven't created something with them already.

Thanks, again, for letting me share your photo and creativity on my blog!


Amazing-love your site! Can't wait to get at it after Christmas. Wow, never thought of kitchen or garden use!
Thanks again!

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