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Marion Graham

I used to make it in the oven using a yogurt culture I had bought at the grocery store. Warm the milk up then put it in the oven, in little plastic containers, overnight with door propped open using the meat tenderizer (large wooden mallet) and the oven set at 150°C. The kids would drizzle a little bit of honey over it. Your method sounds easier. But then we didn't have organic milk in those days. The milk was standard - with the cream sitting on the top, or homogenized - all mixed together. The honey was organic and I bought it in a huge jar right from the producer. Used it for much of my cooking.
I like to think each generation learns from the previous one - at their mother's knee so to speak!! Good job Tracey.

Gay Miller

What a great idea! We go through less yogurt though than your larger family, so I just make it in the oven, with light on for the warmth. love the rest of your blog, too.


I miss you Tracey and so glad I can follow your life and wonderful ideas through your blog!! ~ Darci

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