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The conditions around your experience sound remarkably similar to the one and only concert I attended in that same stadium.

Music has always been all around me, my mother's side being remarkably musical on the whole. As an angry teenager I spent many a day (or night) with my headphones jammed on tight, falling farther into the music, riding the waves of anger, exclusion, heartbreak and excitement. There is nothing that speaks to the soul quite like music.


I was at that concert! Pop Mart tour right? Giant lemon disco ball if I remember correctly. For me there was also the adventure of road triping to Edmonton on a school night. We missed the morning classes and I was grounded but the early morning journey home I heard this song for the first time and it has stuck with me ever since.

Desere Pressey

Your writing is beautiful...
Your words are choice. Felt like i was there with you.


That's so cool you were there Jenny-weird, did we see each other I wonder-getting a drink or waiting in line in the washroom? How crazy that 15 years later we would be Bfs...
I like to live in a state where time is of no meaning, but isan't it surreal to think of all the people you've met before you've met...

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